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Hi! I'm Kaitlyn! I'm the proud owner of Bride of the Pines and as some have called me, the "Mary Poppins of Bridal!"

My journey in the world of bridal fashion has been quite an adventure filled with moments of creativity, collaboration, and genuine connection! Through my nine years of photography, especially during events like New York Bridal Fashion Week, I've had the incredible privilege of photographing stunning designs and now here I am curating bespoke collections for the store in collaboration with some of the most talented designers in the industry!

How lucky am I?! They are the best of the best!

But what truly sets my boutique apart is the close-knit relationships I've forged with these designers! These connections go beyond business; they're built on friendship, shared dreams, and a deep understanding of each other's creative vision. I can confidently say that when brides walk into my boutique, they're stepping into an unique world of incredible artistry and craftsmanship, with a sprinkle of whimsical fun!

It's amazing how much you learn when you're surrounded by love, laughter, and a whole lot of stunning bridal gowns! So cue the confetti and happy tears!

We are Bride of the Pines!


Our curated gown collection is a testament to the magic that happens when passion, creativity, and fabulous friendships come together in the world of bridal couture!

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